Paneer for Newbies


Paneer Makhani

Hello everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their week! Anyone who tried last weeks recipe how was it!? Today I am going to talk about a very famous North Indian dish known as “Paneer Makhani.” Many of you might have probably heard of Paneer before if you have gone to an Indian restaurant. If you have not, I highly recommend ordering this dish. This is a very tasty dish that is also 100% vegetarian. For those of you that may not know what Paneer is, it is cottage cheese. Indian grocery stores sell Paneer in packages in the frozen section of the stores. Next time you step foot into the store, make sure to venture towards the frozen isle for Paneer!

Paneer Makhani literally translates as “butter paneer.” There are different types of paneer depending on what you want. Butter paneer has a buttery tomato sauce that is very creamy and delicious. There are other kinds such as Mutter paneer where mutter means peas. It all really depends on what you are in the mood to eat. I have tried multiple different types of Paneer and none have ever failed my taste buds. This is NOT a spicy dish. You can specialize it yourself and add whatever spices to it but at restaurants it is not spicy. If you are in the mood for a creamy and buttery taste definitely order this.

The How To

For everyone who has never tasted Indian food or gone to an Indian restaurant, I will give you the insiders on how to eat this meal. This is another one of those meals where you DO NOT eat with a fork or spoon. You should eat this meal with your hands. It may sound strange to non-foreigners who don’t really eat with their hands but traditionally this meal is eaten by your hands. Use a spoon to scoop the curry onto your plate. This meal is usually eaten with a special kind of bread served at restaurants known as Naan, Chipati, Roti, or even rice. I personally break pieces of the bread and scoop the paneer and curry into the bread with my hands and eat it. Usually this is a one handed process and typically the right hand is dominant.

Warning: This can get very messy especially if it’s your first time!

If you feel shy or uncomfortable at a restaurant because it’s your first time, Don’t.  There is no need to feel weird about eating with your hands. Trust me. It is even possible to not be messy about using your hands but for me that took practice.. a lot of it. If you still aren’t convinced about using your hands well there is something as simple as this:

clean hands white sink v_SM



Don’t ever let a cultures traditions stop you from trying their food! It is a great experience!

If you decide to make paneer makhani at home here is a simple recipe that got very good reviews! Paneer is not difficult to make and really is not that time consuming!  You don’t need to let things cook overnight. It tastes best when served hot and fresh but I have had some amazing leftovers the next day as well!


3 thoughts on “Paneer for Newbies

  1. Great tips for people who might be shy about eating with their hands! I know that sometimes when I go to an Indian restaurant, the server will provide a warm towel so I can clean my hands first.

  2. arielrk says:

    First of all, I love paneer! I have a lot of friends whose parents make this for dinner when I come to eat. It takes an adjustment, but now I actually like eating with my hands the way its supposed to be eaten. I’ve never made this dish myself but now I’m motivated to try! Thanks! 🙂

  3. alissajz123 says:

    I’ve never had paneer but I am really into exotic foods! I definitely need to step up my Indian food game though — I’ve only ever gotten kati roll and general Middle Eastern food and I’ve been dying to try some traditional Indian. The recipe you’ve linked looks great! Maybe if I’m feeling adventurous one night I’ll give it a try!

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