What time is it? Puri Time!

Hey everyone! You guessed right, it’s PURI TIME! Today I am going to explain what exactly Puri is and how to make it! This is probably one of the simplest dishes you can make and lucky for you it takes under 15 minutes for food prep and cooking time! Can it get better than that!? Well, Yes it can! The best part is eating and devouring it of course!


For starters many of you may not know how to pronounce the word “Puri.” The easiest way I can explain it is to type it out phonetically. So say it as it looks “Poo-Rhee”- but if you can roll your “R’s” roll that “R” on the “Rhee” part of the word.

What is it used for? When do people eat it?

Well people usually eat Puri for breakfast or as a light snack. You most usually always eat Puri with a curry of some sort. I personally eat it with chicken curry or vegetable potato curry. Some people like to even stuff the Puri with some type of meat and eat it like an enchilada or hot pocket.

What ingredients do you need?

    This is a very simple dish that needs less than 10 items to prepare and cook it.

– whole wheat flour (about 1 cup to feed around 2-4 people)

– 1/4 tsp salt (but you can add as much as you want depending on how salty you like your food)

– 1/2 cup of water- add more depending on the consistency of the flour after adding water

– oil to fry it once cooking (use olive oil if you are trying to go for the healthier option)

How do you make it?

First add the flour into a bowl. Then add in the salt and water. Don’t pour the water all in at once. Slowly add it because you need the mix to be able to be rolled into balls. If you add too much water you must add more flour to thicken the mix up. After mixing everything together the dough shouldn’t be sticky. So keep adding flour until the consistency is not sticky. Slowly take small pieces of the dough and roll them into small balls. They shouldn’t be too small or else the Puri will turn out small when you fry it. Now roll the balls into flat circles but make sure its about an inch to 2 inches thick. As you are rolling the dough, heat up the oil.

Disclaimer: Do not make the oil too hot because it can burn you if it splashes back!  The oil should not be smoking before you put the Puri in. 

Once your dough is flattened you can now bring to the frying pan with the oil. The pan should be deep dish so the oil won’t spill.  Drop one Puri in the pan at a time. Let the oil soak up and fry the dough. Lightly push on the top part of the Puri and flip it over. It will start puffing up and that’s how you know you are doing it right.  It should have a golden brown color and that’s how you know its ready. Take it out with a ladle and place it on top of a plate  that has a napkin on it to soak up all the oil. After that continue this process for however many you made and you are now officially finished! Enjoy your Puri hot and fresh with some curry!

A simple recipe with specific instructions can be foundhere.


One thought on “What time is it? Puri Time!

  1. rebeccaemont says:

    As someone who loves cooking new types of foods from different cuisines, this recipe sounds perfect and pretty simple! I like how you suggested what you eat with it and I LOVE curries, so this is too perfect!

    I think it was great how you described when exactly you know when you’ve finished the Puri. The explanation was detailed and I bet it would definitely make the recipe easier to follow.

    I am definitely going to try this dish! Thanks for the suggestion and teaching me about it!

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