After these, you will be asking for “momo”

Hey everyone! So this week I did things a little differently. I posted a question on my facebook status asking everyone what dishes I should write about in my blog.Using the method of crowdsourcing, people responded to my post with their different comments. I got a variety of answers from samosas, chicken curry and rice, pani puri, to momos(Tibetan), soup dumplings, rocky mountain oysters, fish and chips, lo mein, meatball parm, and tacos. As you can see it’s a variety of foods from all over the world! This was my first time reaching out to the public for feedback and it was a success! Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback!!

So I have been doing a lot of Indian dishes lately so today I am going to change it up.  I have never had Tibetan momos before so I decided to write about that dish and research about the Tibetan culture. 


I did a little bit of research on the Tibetan culture to find out more about the types of foods in Tibet. Tibet is known for its noodles, dumplings, cheeses, and goat. It is a culture influenced by China, India, and Nepal. After reading about the Tibetan culture I researched about momos and what exactly they are. Momos are also known as dumplings. What I found to be nice is the variety of ways to make momos. Momos can be vegetarian, filled with different types of meat, steamed, fried, and also cooked in different types of soups! I love foods that have a variety of ways to cook them. The healthiest way to cook momos would definitely be having to steam them!

Depending on the mood you are in, you can buy ingredients to fill your momos with anything you would like. I personally would love to try filling it with chicken, spinach, and cheese along with some vegetables! Just talking about it makes my stomach growl! Whichever ingredients you choose, make sure to chop them into tiny pieces in order for it all to fit into the shell.

I heard the most difficult task is shaping the dough in the form of a momo (dumpling). It almost looks like the shape of a half crescent moon! I can imagine how difficult it is to fill the dough and get a perfectly crescent shaped moon!

Momo tile6_thumb[1]



-wheat flour


-really depends on what you want to add!

The dough is very simple to make. It’s the same way we made the dough for one of my earlier posts for making Puri. Its not time consuming at all! The filling really depends on what you want to add and if you want to make it a vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish! After you get your mix prepared you are ready to fill your dumplings! A very useful site that shows a good recipe to make momos can be found here. Check out that link and try to make some on your own! The site gives directions on how to create the different shapes of momos which I found to be very useful !I know when I go home I am definitely going to try making these!



One thought on “After these, you will be asking for “momo”

  1. I had never heard of “momo” before reading your post – thanks for teaching me something new! I love everything that resembles dumplings, but I have no patience for making them myself. Maybe I can find a place in the city that serves momo!

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