Throw some beans up in there!

Hey everyone! This week I was craving something cheesy and I also wanted something with protein as well! For all you vegetarians out there this is perfect! I want to show you how I make my bean quesadillas! I love all types of quesadillas ranging from cheese to chicken to beans but this bean quesadilla is one of my favorite things to make when I’m craving cheese. It also isn’t too unhealthy for you which is always a plus! Just make sure to use whole wheat tortillas and low-fat cheese when making these if you want to take the healthier route.

picnik quesadilla


Ingredients/ Materials Needed

  • Whole wheat tortillas 
  • low fat mixed cheese pack
  • refried beans ( 1 can)
  • hot sauce 
  • pepperjack cheese blocks
  • crushed red peppers
  • can opener
  • frying pan
  • spatula


This is a very simple and quick meal to make! When I say quick I mean under 10 minutes which is perfect for any typical college student in a rush to eat and get to class!  First, all you need to do is use a can opener and open the can of refried beans. They look like this: Refried_Beans-5


After that just put however much you want in a bowl and microwave it for about 1 minute.  After the beans are heated just grab a knife or spoon and spread it on top of one half of your whole wheat tortilla. I usually make half of one tortilla and fold it over but you can use 2 tortillas and lay them on top of each other if you want! After spreading the beans on the tortilla, I add the mixed cheese on top of the beans and spread it all over! After that I add pepperjack cheese blocks if I want it to be a little more spicy! (it’s completely optional) I then sprinkle crushed red peppers on top and add some hot sauce on top of everything. Now you are ready to cook your quesadillas!

* Just a tip for the refried beans- If you are cooking the quesdilla just for one person then you do not need to use the whole can of beans. I would recommend only a few spoons worth of it. If  you have leftover beans you can always put foil on top and refrigerate for a maximum of one week.


All you have to do now is get a frying pan and turn on the stove! Let the pan heat up a little bit before putting your quesdilla on the pan. Once its warmed up, just place the quesadilla on the pan. Let one side cook for about 3-4 minutes or until it golden brown. Then flip it over onto the other side to cook! And that’s it. Once both sides are golden it is ready to eat! I told you it was super fast and simple!  I personally love making it a tad more spicy so I grab more hot sauce and use it as a side and dip my quesdilla into it but that is only if you like hot and spicy things! I hope you enjoyed this and try it out! Let me know what you all think!



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