A little about me!

2012-12-29 15.44.04  Melanie

Hey everyone! My name is Melanie Thomas and I am currently an undergraduate senior at Rutgers University- New Brunswick. I am a psychology major and a sociology minor and will be graduating in May of this year!! I know this is a very exciting part of my life and I am ready to move on and see what the rest of my life has in store for me. I have applied to graduate schools for my Masters in Occupational Therapy and am just patiently waiting to hear back. This is my first course I have ever taken on blogging and this is my first official personal blog! I am new at this so please bare with me!

A little bit about me -I was born and raised in south jersey my whole life. I still reside in south jersey and don’t ever want to leave. My parents and my sister were all born in India, in the most southern state known as Kerala. My parents were born and raised in India their whole lives until 1991 when they moved to the United States with my sister. My culture and heritage are a huge part of my life and  I still practice some traditions today. One of the most exotic things in India is the food. The food is so rich and tasty and authentic, something you won’t find in the United States. I love everything about the food from the spices and curries to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in many of the famous dishes in India.

I am creating this blog to talk about the many different ethnic dishes not only India but also in other countries as well. I have been blessed enough to travel to 8 countries by the age of 21 years old and I want to share the different dishes I have tried in those countries. I want to share this blog with all of you to have a chance to explore the different tastes in other countries besides the United States. Some people have never left the country before so I want to share my experiences to each and every single one of you reading this blog. I will give tips about what to eat and what not to eat depending on your spice tolerance since a lot of the food in India is very spicy. I will give my honest opinion on what I think about the dish and if I personally enjoy the taste or not. I will also try and post recipes when applicable for any of you adventurers to give it a try yourself at home!  Lucky for you a lot of places have Indian stores which carry all of the spices and things necessary to make the particular dish you need. There are stores around New jersey called “Subzi Mandi” which provide all of the things you would need. Edison, NJ is also a very highly populated Indian town with a lot of stores and restaurants you can go to, to try out the different types of foods.


If you have any questions feel free to comment on any of my posts!


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