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Since our group loves and is focusing on food throughout the semester, we wanted to share and discuss our favorite dish. We all have one, whether it is a classic Italian dish, a family favorite, or a popular dish from an established restaurant.  We are sure at least one dish will catch your attention. Sarah and Christina talk about restaurant favorites while Melanie, Amanda and Ariel talk about family recipes that have soul and taste delicious.  We got our idea from the show, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the Food Network, where celebrity chefs talk about their favorite dish and personal experience with it. They then either visit the establishment or eat the dish in front of the camera, making viewers salivate. Since we are all in college and have not gotten the opportunity to taste as many dishes as the chefs, our dishes are relatively simple and classic. That is also why we decided to add the “College Edition” at the end.  We hope our dishes speak to you and captivate your taste buds. If you have not tried some of them, we recommend that you do! They are very easy to make at home and are easily accessible, and we sure plan on eating or making them in the near future. We decided to crowd-source by getting sound clips from collaborative websites where people upload and share things for free. These clips add a different dimension to our podcast and create a live audience atmosphere, which we were aiming for.  We hope you enjoy it!



Our food group (Ariel Kramer, Melanie Thomas, Sarah Jaihe Lee, Amanda Grabanica and Christina Caputo) created a Spring/Summer issue of #TasteBud Magazine, a quarterly magazine focusing on reviews, conversations about various issues concerning food and everything in between. There are five articles in this issue: “If You Didn’t Post It, You Didn’t Eat It,” “Macaron Day 2014,” “The TASTE of Summer,” “A Sweet Desire for your #TasteBud,” and “Budding This Spring.” Sarah traveled to New York City over spring break and talks about her experience at Macaron Day 2014, Melanie gives her personal review of Cookie Rush, a made to order cookie establishment that recently opened in New Brunswick, Christina discusses local farms and market, recommends some in the area and lists what’s in season, while Ariel discusses the topic of “food porn” and the concept of posting pictures of our food onto instagram and finally, Amanda discusses summer foods, drinks and delicious/healthy alternatives for the usual BBQ options that are available. We hope at least one article appeals to you and your interests involving food, and you learn something new. That is our main goal, to educate, inform and entertain. We also aim to give our own perspectives on food and see it through different angles. That is the great thing about food, it isn’t one dimensional. There are so many different topics of discussion within the food category, which is why we had an easy time picking a topic that personally interests us. We had a good time creating this E-Book and appreciate the visual aspect of the project. We look forward to seeing everyone else’s!


Our video is called “5 Meals in 5 Minutes: College Edition”. We made the video to target college kids especially because they usually don’t have full kitchens with ovens and stoves if they live on campus. It can be really hard to cook for yourself if you don’t have an oven or a stove, so we made this video to give college kids some basic recipes that you can cook in your dorm room only using a microwave. Melanie shows how to make french toast in a mug, Christina shows how to make a soft veggie taco, Amanda shows how to make a dinner salad, Sarah shows how to make homemade hot chocolate and Ariel shows how to make cake in a mug. Enjoy!


I did an e-book as the medium for my final project. I have a windows laptop so I used windows publisher as the software for this project. I decided to do my final project about blogging because we blogged on a weekly basis for this course so it was the topic I felt most comfortable and passionate about. I never blogged before this course and I found it to be a lot of fun and very easy to do. I learned a lot about blogging and the techniques used to become a better blogger over this past semester. There were so many things I learned about blogging that I never knew before. I created an e-book to pretty much give a tutorial on how to create a blog and the different techniques used in blogging. Since I created my own personal food blog this past semester for this class, I thought it would be nice to share how I created a food blog and what it contained inside the food blog. The first page goes over what blogging is on a definition basis and what it means to me. The second page goes into the specifics of how to create a blog using the website that we learned in the first day of class. I teach everyone how to create a new page and create posts for their daily or weekly blog posts. The third page is the inside scoop of what new bloggers should know such as the appearance of a blog and what it should contain! I hope you all enjoy it!



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