These egg rolls are amazing.. I’m not even egg-aggerating

Hey everyone! Today I am going to write about my mom’s famous egg rolls! For any of you that watched our podcast I will be going over the same dish! I know some of you may have wanted to try making them so writing about it might be easier than just listening to me talk about it!

mothers-famous-chinese-egg-rolls-recipe-smallThis picture is what your final product should look like! How amazing do these egg rolls look!? I will talk about the basics of how to make them so you can taste for yourself and tell me how good they are.

For starters, you need to go to the market and buy egg roll sheets. They mostly all resemble this:

how-to-make-filipino-egg-rolls-step3You can buy these from any local Asian market and I believe they are also sold at local grocery stores but maybe not this exact brand.

Next, You want to buy any of the ingredients you want to add to your stir-fry portion. My mom usually adds chicken, green string beans, carrots, onions, salt and some spices for flavor. You can make this a vegetarian egg roll or one filled with meat. I recommend filling it with chicken because it tastes really good.  If you choose to fill it with any type of meat, make sure you cook the meat prior to making the stir-fry. You want everything including the vegetables to be cooked prior to adding it onto the pan for the stir-fry.  Once you stir-fry everything let it cool down a little before prepping the egg roll sheets.

After everything is cooked, you are now ready to use the egg roll sheets.

*An important thing to remember is to let the egg roll sheets thaw out and defrost on their own before working with them for the meal. So I would recommend thawing it out a few hours before you are ready to cook the egg rolls. 

Once the egg roll sheets are thawed you are ready to prepare the rest of the meal! My mom begins by adding some of the stir-fry onto one corner of the egg roll sheet. Then tightly wrap and roll the sheet to the other corner, making sure the stir-fry is tight and inside the egg roll sheet. Tuck in any corners or edges that appear to be loose. After that repeat the same process for as many egg rolls as you wish to make.. I would say you will probably eat at least 6-7 on your own so plan accordingly.

After all of the egg rolls are made you are ready to cook them. Prep a deep dish pan with oil and have it heated and ready to go when you are about to cook. You can cook more than one egg roll at a time and I would recommend doing a couple at a time to save time. Let them fry and turn them over when golden brown. You want both sides to be golden brown! After that just lay them in a paper towel and VOILA!! Your egg rolls are officially cooked and ready to be eaten.

I highly recommend eating the egg rolls with this special sauce:

THMPLOY007It’s a sweet chili sauce that is beyond amazing and compliments the egg rolls in the best possible way.

Enjoy =]